JNCryptor is a Java library that simplifies encrypting data securely with AES. The library is a port of Rob Napier’s RNCryptor project for iOS.

Get JNCryptor

Source and binary downloads can be obtained from https://github.com/RNCryptor/JNCryptor. The project is also available on Maven Central:


3 thoughts on “JNCryptor

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  2. Ravi


    I am using JN Cryptor in my application. but it take too much time to do encryption and decryption. :( Are you planning to roll out any version which makes this process faster?

    1. duncan Post author

      Since v0.4, JNCryptor allows you to modify the number of PBKDF2 iterations performed. You might be able to improve performance by adjusting this value, although note that you do so at the expense of security!


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